Analyzation essay example

Questionnaire provides a more structured approach to gathering data for quantitative analysis. It is a series of written question for which the respondent provides answers. A well defined questionnaire motivation the respondent to provide complete and accurate information (Sharp, Peters & Howard, 2002). The survey questionnaire should not be viewed as a standalone tool. Along with questionnaire there is field work rewards for the respondents and communication aids, all of which are important components of the questionnaire process. The strength of closed questions is that they are quick to complete and analysis; the weakness is that the data obtained may be very superficial. Open questions allow the possibility of asking deeper questions and obtaining unanticipated perspective on an issue, but the corresponding weakness is that completion and analysis can be difficult and time consuming (Smith, Thorpe & Lowe, 2006)

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Analyzation essay example

analyzation essay example


analyzation essay exampleanalyzation essay exampleanalyzation essay exampleanalyzation essay example