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People often have different views about the role of museum which are the most for entertainment or education. Although there are interesting arguments in favor of museums are the nice places to entertain people, I personally believe that visiting a museum is good for education.
There are some reasons why it could be argued that visiting museums are considered as entertaining activities. Museums are often built as beautiful places with numerous beautiful pictures and statutes, thus many people like going there for relax and taking pictures with their friends at weekend. In some countries, parents often take their children to museums to attend interesting activities. For example, “Vietnam Museum of Ethnology” is very famous destination for foreign visitors, there often celebrates some Vietnamese traditional games which are attractive for children. Museums are also nice places for consumption. Museums usually store the worth history and culture of each country or region, so visitors often buy some souvenirs for their memories at museums.
However, I believe that museum is a good place for education. Why many visitors choose museums as indispensable places in their trip, because museums often store the specific worth culture of each region, that they desire to understand to improve their knowledge. Pupils usually complain about the boringness of historic subject, so today many schools frequently take place short tours for their pupils to visit museums. There are many practical pictures, documentaries and exhibits that are very interesting and significant to pupils.
In conclusion, while some people think that museums are to entertain them, in my opinions, museums are good for people’s education.

I went into another room with European art. The portraits I saw really put mine to shame, but there were plenty of ridiculously pale women and children back then. There was a panel called Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine with Saints and Angels by a workshop called the Master of Frankfurt. I thought the angel's wings looked neat, it nice to see something different than the traditional white wings. I also saw this painting by Francisco de Zurbaran called Lamb of God. It was a depiction of a lamb tied up with a halo around its head. I really liked the concept of that. I also liked Daniel Seghers' Garland of Flowers with the Holy Family. It looks like memorial for the Holy Family, or a grave marker. I just think it looks pretty.

Elaborately beaded bags created by Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole artists reflect the high point of the beadworkers’ art. While the shape of these men’s shoulder bags was most likely inspired by those worn by British soldiers in the 1700s, their designs were strictly native. Complex floral and geometric motifs intertwine from the point of the flap to the curve of the neck strap. Less commonly, humans and animals were depicted. The meanings of these patterns are largely lost, but they surely conveyed important personal and cultural information for both the weaver and the observer.

Art museum essay

art museum essay


art museum essayart museum essayart museum essayart museum essay