Behaviour management primary classrooms essay

Thank you so much for this! My classroom management is practically identical to yours and it makes me feel good to know this is . I agree that this works but I struggle with some things.
I have had a hard time clearly “defining” to others how I manage my students. It has been said that young children need clear rules and consistent follow-through. I would say this varies with me depending on the individual child and how I handle them. One of my rules is “respect others” which includes no hitting , kicking etc. others and this type of behavior would require an immediate consequence.
I had a bad experience the past 2 years with another teacher who serviced some of my students in my room. She was very critical of the way I addressed my students behaviors indicating that it needs to be the same for all students, across the board. Black or white. I consider this system “a grey area” but in a good way. Specifically when it came to addressing things like wiggly bodies, sitting on knees instead of bottoms etc.. My students are 3,4 and 5. As a parent I know that you have to pick your battles and this holds true in my classroom. It bothered me because she shared her opinions with other teachers in the building who don’t know me well and I felt like they were viewing me in a bad light.

This method aims to establish a positive discipline system that reinforces the teacher’s authority to teach and control in order to ensure an environment that is optimal for learning. This entails using rewards and punishments in the behavioural sense. Positive consequences are be
lieved to be more powerful in shaping student behaviour than negative ones. If students violate rules deliberately, it is recommended that the negative consequences that result, should be graded in severity according to the number of times the offence is repeated during the lesson.

Behaviour management primary classrooms essay

behaviour management primary classrooms essay


behaviour management primary classrooms essaybehaviour management primary classrooms essaybehaviour management primary classrooms essaybehaviour management primary classrooms essay