China population problem essay

Most of these organizations have their own secular and political agendas, some of them with virulent and intolerant activity.  Therefore their property and their enterprises should not be tax- exempt.  Strive to have the relevant tax l aws changed.  Additionally, the United States should not permit the money that is contributed to these religious groups to be deducted from the personal taxes owed by individuals .  Work to have this changed.                                                                                                                                                                                                 ->   Oppose those large transnational economic interests, especially the major oil companies, that are promoting and causing unplanned human growth. This is a no-brainer. These corporations have their own plans, and those plans are most often not good for the planet. Conversely, support those businesses, when you can find them, that are truly friendly to the environment.                                                                                                                                                                                           ->   Oppose any large-scale human activities, such as immigration, that contribute to further overpopulation. Most of the immigration that is occurring today is, sadly, being done by desperate people leaving their birth areas, which now cannot support added people; a pressure-relief activity.

Successful family planning programs listen to the different needs of clients and respond with strategies that expand informed, voluntary contraceptive choice: offering a range of affordable contraceptive methods; providing client-centered, comprehensive counseling; employing a variety of service delivery approaches; and ensuring continuous supplies of contraceptive commodities. Expanding individuals’ contraceptive choices supports increased and continuous contraceptive use, enabling more women and couples to realize their ambitions for themselves and their families and helping communities and nations achieve their development goals. This web feature and accompanying brief explore the rationale for expanding contraceptive choice.

According to the Far Eastern Economic Review , Asia alone will have at least 10 'hypercities' by 2025, that is, cities inhabited by more than 19 million people, including Jakarta ( million people), Dhaka (25 million), Karachi ( million), Shanghai (27 million) and Mumbai (33 million). [78] Lagos has grown from 300,000 in 1950 to an estimated 15 million today, and the Nigerian government estimates that city will have expanded to 25 million residents by 2015. [79] Chinese experts forecast that Chinese cities will contain 800 million people by 2020. [80]

China population problem essay

china population problem essay


china population problem essaychina population problem essaychina population problem essaychina population problem essay