Eu law essays

‘Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik’ takes a leaf out of Kohl’s book; ‘Vagant’ reruns the Scandinavian experiment; ‘Dublin Review of Books’ suggests an Irish precedent for the Cyprus question; ‘Index on Censorship’ asks what 1917 means for freedom today; ‘Razpotja’ measures rhetoric against reality; ‘Merkur’ challenges middle-class aversion to party politics; ‘Ny Tid’ designs the best-ever utopia; ‘La Revue nouvelle’ understands algorithmocracy; ‘Dialogi’ looks at interculturalism in Slovene theatre; and ‘Ord&Bild’ suspects that Neanderthals were more easy-going.

Invariably selected as top trade practitioner by publications such as Chambers Global 2013 (star individual; “one of the very top experts on trade matters”; “could well be the best trade lawyer in the world”), Euromoney (“most highly nominated trade lawyer in the EU and worldwide”), Who’s Who Legal (second most highly regarded individual worldwide; “one of the most active lawyers in Brussels”), Legal 500 (leading individual; “excellent trade policy lawyers;” “formidable reputation;’’ “always seem available, whichever part of the world, and at whatever time I call them”) and the Rushford report

Eu law essays

eu law essays


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