How do you write a bibliography

Excellent advice here. Thanks for sharing it! Question: Is it ok to break from chronologically listing ones employment history to emphasize related experience? My concern being that if I don’t capture the readers interest within a few seconds, they might dismiss my resume before getting to relevant experience. Example: In 2008, after 18 years in the insurance industry I left (I was a home office executive for a global company). After leaving, I spent 2 years traveling around 28 countries. Since returning to the USA 4 years ago, I’ve held basic blue collar jobs – just because they interested me, and I’ve had fun. So, I’m looking to get back into the insurance industry, and while I’ve a long list of accomplishments and experience, it’s 7 years ago. I’d really appreciate your advice on what I can do to not be too unorthodox in my resume structure, yet get the readers attention from the get go. Thank you for your time! Regards.

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How do you write a bibliography

how do you write a bibliography


how do you write a bibliographyhow do you write a bibliographyhow do you write a bibliographyhow do you write a bibliography