Marketing a product essay

In recent years, food marketing has been criticised by professionals as being a major factor in contributing to childhood obesity . Nestle (2006) suggests that food marketing purposely targets children who are easily influenced at such a young age to eat high-sugar drinks and food with little nutritional benefit. [14] The fact that areas of food marketing are linked to obesity is concerning, as well as how easy it is to market to children and affect their food choices. Television and print media still stand as the traditional communication channels for food marketing, but other popular approaches are also more prevalent these days. These include the Internet, toys, packaging, video games, blockbuster films, character licensing of children's toys and celebrity advertising (McGinnis, Appleton Gootman, & Kraak, 2006). The employment of these food marketing strategies are growing, and are said to be partly responsible for swelling rates of childhood obesity (Cartere, 2009).

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Marketing a product essay

marketing a product essay


marketing a product essaymarketing a product essaymarketing a product essaymarketing a product essay