Music education scholarship essay

Access to music education programs in schools is a cornerstone of NAMM’s vision and mission. Educators, parents and other stakeholders overwhelmingly agree that quality music programs contribute to student retention, graduation rates, and overall success in school. High quality, evidence-based studies compiled by the Arts Education Partnership ’s Music Matters , shows that music education equips students with the foundational abilities to learn, achieve in other academic subjects, and develop the capacities, skills and knowledge essential for lifelong success.

The women military bands and post war all-girl bands opened the door to more female participation in instrumental music. Through the efforts of these frontier-like women, perspectives changed as to the female purpose and level of reliability. Suddenly, female bands were found to be as entertaining as male bands. Women found a place and purpose in the entertainment world. Women who were thought to only have the ability to be mothers were leaders in the music world. Women's equality began to emerge during this time in history and music was a primary avenue for the movement. These women of the past created an environment which the women of today now enjoy. This environment is one of fairness and the ability to seek success in all career areas. Women of today attend college and may become professionals in the work force. Women like Joan Lamb conquered what had in the past seemed like a forbidden world.

Music education scholarship essay

music education scholarship essay


music education scholarship essaymusic education scholarship essaymusic education scholarship essaymusic education scholarship essay