Overcoming obstacles essays

11. Focus on the end game. This is like visualizing the solution. Remember those tracing games someone would give you when you were younger...like a maze for example? Problem solving is about getting from one state to another state. This is known as traversing the solution path. Sometimes getting from the start state to the end state is not as immediately obvious as seeing how the end state can come from the start state. In many ways, this is like navigating using a map – we can either trace a path from where we are to where we want to go or we can start from the destination and work backwards. In many cases, I find it is useful to focus on the end state and then work backwards. As I get to familiar territory, I can then relate the solution to the path.

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Overcoming obstacles essays

overcoming obstacles essays


overcoming obstacles essaysovercoming obstacles essaysovercoming obstacles essaysovercoming obstacles essays