Phd accounting

The PhD program is focused on research and one key measure of success in academe is the publication of research results in peer-reviewed scholarly journals such as the Accounting Review , the Journal of Accounting and Economics , the Journal of Accounting Research , Contemporary Accounting Research and the Review of Accounting Studies . Accounting researchers also publish in finance and economics journals. Members of the AIM faculty include an editor of one of the leading accounting journals and editorial board members of several of the other leading journals. PhD students are thus able to work with leading academic researchers in the field as part of their training. This early immersion in the research environment has become even more important in the past several years as most graduating PhD students have one or more research papers (in working paper or published form) in addition to their dissertation.

A series of research workshops generally held on Wednesday afternoons provides an important supplement to each student's academic program. Research papers by faculty from other universities, AIM department faculty and doctoral students are presented and discussed. The workshops generate new research ideas, critique current ones, and communicate research interests among faculty and students. Students are expected to participate actively in these workshops.

The PhD Program Director, members of the PhD Policy Committee and faculty members teaching PhD seminars are required to be members of the University of Missouri doctoral faculty. The University of Missouri requires each student have a four-member Doctoral Program Committee (with one member from outside Accounting). This committee is initially assigned by the PhD Program Director who also chairs the committee until the comprehensive written and oral examinations are passed. At this point, the chair and committee membership will be reconstituted to select appropriate faculty given the dissertation topic area selected by the student. See the Graduate Catalog for additional details on doctoral program general requirements and administration at the University of Missouri.

Elly joined our PhD Program after completing McMaster’s Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She earned her Bachelor of Engineering from Sun Yat-sen University in China. While in our PhD program, Elly published two book chapters as well as an article in CJAS. She presented papers at the ASAC conferences in 2013 and 2014, the US Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship conference in 2015, the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2015 and. the Academy of Management Meeting in 2016.  Elly also served as a sessional lecturer at DeGroote for Com. 2BC3 in Fall 2016 term.

Phd accounting

phd accounting


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