Psychology coursework levels of processing

Licensed psychologists who specialize in a particular area of psychology, such as clinical neuropsychology, clinical psychology, cognitive and behavioral psychology, or counseling psychology, may also choose to earn professional certification. Certification is offered by several different professional agencies, such as the American Board of Professional Psychology , which issues credentials in many different areas. Although board certification is voluntary and not legally required for most specializations, many employers prefer hiring candidates with these credentials. Board-certified professionals are held accountable for their experience and knowledge, as candidates must fulfill extensive education, work experience, and continuing education requirements to earn these marks. Psychologists who have a specialized certificate will find it easier to market themselves to clients, and they will become part of ABPP's database of certified professionals.

Students majoring in psychology at the undergraduate level are encouraged to choose a minor in a related area, such as business, biology, sociology, leadership, or education. Students combining psychology with other academic disciplines are perceived as possessing skills that contribute to the understanding of people. Employment opportunities are available in a variety of settings, including community mental health agencies, social service agencies, residential care and treatment facilities, counseling centers and many business and industry sites.

The Wright Institute . curriculum continues the school's long tradition of rigorous, in-depth clinical education. Students get a broad exposure to both theory and research. Respect for a wide range of theoretical approaches is highly valued at the Wright Institute; faculty have special strengths in the areas of contemporary psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioral, family systems, social justice, brief treatment and relational approaches. They hold the conviction that theory and research are intimately interrelated elements that are most useful to the practitioner when taught in a clinically relevant way.

Psychology coursework levels of processing

psychology coursework levels of processing


psychology coursework levels of processingpsychology coursework levels of processingpsychology coursework levels of processingpsychology coursework levels of processing