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The significance of this research work lies in the fact that if the cause of the unstable exchange rate of the naira is identified and corrected, the economy will rapidly grow and develop into an advanced one. This is so because if the unstable exchange rate of naira is proved to be affecting the macro-economy major variables badly, including Real exchange rate, Real interest rate, inflation rate, gross domestic product and trade openness of the country, attempts should be made to stabilize the exchange rate. This is because these variables are gauge for the measurement of growth and development of any economy. Importantly, this study would help the government and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to identify the strength and weakness of each foreign exchange system and hence adopt the policy that suits the economy best. This will definitely enhance growth and development of the economy, the study will as well serve as a guide to future researchers on this subject.

4. In 1983 whilst deployed as a leading cadre in the Natal Military Machinery in Swaziland he was arrested by the Swazi police. He knew that one of these policemen, (name deleted) was working for the South African Security Branch. During questioning he revealed to (deleted) the following information about his unit in Swaziland: comrade Zweli (Gebuza's brother) is commander of the unit; comrade Magagula is in charge of logistics in the area; that Madolo works for Border infiltration. He also told the police the location of the infiltration point, told them about codes of communication and the location of DLBs.

This is Mr Ciobo’s third front bench role in the foreign affairs and trade portfolio. He has previously served as the Minister for International Development and the Pacific, and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Trade and Investment. In these roles Mr Ciobo championed economic integration in the Pacific through private sector-led growth; promoted the benefits of Australia’s Free Trade Agreements; led delegations of industry leaders to our key trading partners; and supported the Minister for Foreign Affairs in advancing Australia’s diplomatic interests overseas.

Sap thesis topics

sap thesis topics


sap thesis topicssap thesis topicssap thesis topicssap thesis topics