Soft cover thesis binding

Andrew: I have a question for you. Before I ask here’s the context. I have a musical score on tabloid size pages (11×17 inches) which I need bound, but there’s just one problem – there are no binders anywhere for a tabloid size book with the binding being on the 17 inch side – which is what I need – that is to say my score pages are vertical, actually 17×11 – 17 inches from top to bottom and 11 inches from left to right – as opposed to what is available everywhere – the horizontal, the 11×17. As such I need a way to make multiple copies of the score pretty darn soon – and, as binders look like they are out of the question, that will require a 17 inch spine! Yikes! Is that doable? If you think it is doable – that a book jig can be made for books (scores actually) that have 17 inch spines then I may very well buy your book and go that route. I was thrilled to see your website and watch your video as it has offered some real hope. Thanks, Andrew. Sincerely, Dave Bacon

We transform your scanned negatives, slides or photos into beautiful and long-lasting photobooks. To design your own photobook or album, either collect the software from us or download it from our website. Alternatively bring in a CD or DVD of your images and we lay out, print, bind and present you with the finished product. You customise your photo book so that the end product is unique and incorporates all the features you love. Once you have decided which images to include, you have a choice of paper, layout and design, binding and cover. The result is a fine-looking and professionally made album constructed from durable materials and designed in an artistic and distinctive way.

Dissertation Bindings come in many styles and style variations depending on the University or College, and sometimes the level of your degree . PhD, BA (Hons), MSc etc...

Many of the Universities or Colleges have strict regulations for the Higher Degrees, but lower Degrees differ according to Course, Department etc...

We can bind to any university regulation!

Your university or college will usually provide you with a binding specification but generally the binding style will fall into one of two categories- hard binding or soft binding, this is not always clear so please have a look at the bindings we offer to best suit your university requirements.

Soft cover thesis binding

soft cover thesis binding


soft cover thesis bindingsoft cover thesis bindingsoft cover thesis bindingsoft cover thesis binding