Vietnam war essay examples

Media resistance to the . government’s official statements only increased as the war progressed. The Tet Offensive in 1968 , though a tactical victory for the United States, was perceived as a major defeat as the media recast the meaning of the battles. During the Tet offensive, prominent journalist Walter Cronkite editorialized during a nationally televised newscast that it did not look like America could win the war. In 1971 , when the New York Times and other newspapers published excerpts of the top-secret Pentagon Papers, public distrust of the . government deepened, causing a scandal in the Nixon administration. In the end, this public discontentment had concrete effects, as the antiwar movement became a prominent force and compelled Nixon to start withdrawing . troops. In this sense, Vietnam was very much a “media war,” fought in newspapers and on television as much as in the jungles of Vietnam.

Psychologically, Australia had been prepared for another war since the conflict in Korea. Compulsory military training and universal conscription had been briefly re-introduced in 1951. The Australian people had been told so often to prepare for war that they all thought it was only a matter of time before they would have to go into battle with the communists. Many people were thinking why wait until it's too late and fight them when they invade our own land - let's go out and meet this threat head on. This reason is pretty straightforward and is linked to the fear of communism. Geographically, Vietnam is on Australia's doorstep. If South Vietnam were to fall to communism, and as the domino effect theory suggested would happen - other Asian countries like Thailand, Myanmar and Malaya were to follow. So Australia to go to war, in my opinion, was the right thing to do.

The history of this war which the Vietnam War essay must capture is that the country was divided to placate different stakeholders in 1954. The north was communist while the south was democratic. However, these two nations were planning to be unified after their general election. But events that cropped up within the cause of the unification led to a full-blown war involving the two states and a third intruder in the name of the United States. While the US supported the democratic south so as to prevent the spread of communism from the north, she never intended to be active in the war. But when the north did show its willingness to keep pushing till French troops are exhausted no matter the amount of recorded losses on them brought other nations in. Let the Vietnam War essay conclusion end with a verdict or your own opinion about the war. This is in line with the topic you chose for the essay. Just like in the essay where you how to critique an article , you have to give your final thoughts about the war.

Vietnam war essay examples

vietnam war essay examples


vietnam war essay examplesvietnam war essay examplesvietnam war essay examplesvietnam war essay examples