Views on homework

But I think a certain amount of homework is necessary. First, students are busy with listening and making notes on classroom, they rarely have time to think deeply and independently. By doing homework, students could absorb more knowledge and develop self-study habit. On the other hand, I don’t support too much homework. School education is only part of children’s life. They have to learn from people as well as society. Teamwork spirits and respect for others can’t be got from books, they are more important than specific knowledge in future work.

As a parent, I agree it is difficult to squeeze in completing homework some nights.  My own children have brought home assignments that I found not appropriate or too lengthy for one night. We do the best we can, and if we have problems or concerns, I do not hesitate to send the teacher a note. Knowing that some students have little to no help at home cannot be discounted by educators . Again, good teachers make it a point to know what some home situations may be like, and modify accordingly. When possible, staffs may work together, as described in two of our articles, by establishing a learning lab or incorporating a "Drop-In" period during the school day. 

Views on homework

views on homework


views on homeworkviews on homeworkviews on homeworkviews on homework