World war two essay contest

Russia lacks the ability to fight NATO in the North Atlantic, and probably has no political interest in trying. This means that while the United States and its NATO allies can allocate some resources to threatening Russia’s maritime space (and providing insurance against a Russian naval sortie,)  the . Navy (USN) can concentrate its forces in the Pacific . Depending on the length of the conflict and the degree of warning provided, the United States could transport considerable . Army assets to Europe to assist with any serious fighting.

The Soviet Union offered support to the partisans in many Wehrmacht -occupied countries in Central Europe , notably those in Slovakia, Poland and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia . In addition, the Polish Armed Forces in the East , particularly the First and Second Polish armies, were armed and trained, and would eventually fight alongside the Red Army . The Free French forces also contributed to the Red Army by the formation of the GC3 ( Groupe de Chasse 3 or 3rd Fighter Group) unit to fulfill the commitment of Charles de Gaulle , leader of the Free French, who thought that it was important for French servicemen to serve on all fronts. A strategic air offensive by the United States Army Air Force and Royal Air Force played a significant part in reducing German industry and tying up German air force and air defense resources, with some bombings, such as the bombing of the eastern German city of Dresden , being done to facilitate specific Soviet operational goals. In addition to Germany, hundreds of thousands of tons of bombs were dropped on their eastern allies of Romania and Hungary , primarily in an attempt to cripple Romanian oil production . British and Commonwealth forces also contributed directly to the fighting on the Eastern Front through their service in the Arctic convoys and training Red Air Force pilots , as well as in the provision of early material and intelligence support. The later massive material support of the Lend-Lease agreement by the United States and Canada played a significant part particularly in the logistics of the war. Among other goods, Lend-Lease supplied: [37]

World war two essay contest

world war two essay contest


world war two essay contestworld war two essay contestworld war two essay contestworld war two essay contest